Welcome to Camp RapidFire (Temporary Closed) , Rishikesh , India

Camp RapidFire (Temporary Closed)

Camp RapidFire is situated on the banks of the mighty river Ganga. However as it passes by the camp, it is still the playful, impetuous child of the mountains, not the mature and steady giant of the plains.

RapidFire is a river beach camp. Which means it is situated on a large tract of white sand on the river banks. Which of course means you can spend the day sunning yourself on the beach and fall asleep listening to the melodious lullaby of the river.

Of course this stretch of the river with its playful rapids and mischievous eddies is also one of the most popular white water rafting stretches in the country. Now onder it is also called the MECCA of white water rafting in India.

There is no electricity. We prefer it like that, and so do our clients. As the sun sets the kerosene lanterns dot the stretch of the camp, each one an island of warm cheer. Many of our clients prefer not to use even flashlights outside the tents. The stars, resplendent in their isolation from interfering city lights are usually bright enough to see by on a clear night.


Tarrif For 1 Night 2 Days - INR  2000/- Per Person


Program Duration: 1 Night and 2 Days

Day 01: Camp RapidFire (Singthali)

 Arrive at the camp followed by tent allotment and a short orientation brief from the Trip Leader about the facilities and safety aspects at the camp

· Post Breakfast  – White Water Rafting – Camp RapidFire – Shivpuri After breakfast we start our rafting for the day from the Camp to Shivpuri negotiating class II, III , III+ Rapids (Three Blind Mice – Sweet sixteen- Bodysurfing rapids like Return to center, and few other small rapids. Rafting comes to an end at the Shivpuri. Transfer to the camp for lunch. 

· Post lunch  adventure activity –

Rock Climbing & Rappelling - The session introduces participants to basic of climbing, use of holds, use of equipment and safety aspects related to the sport. Under watchful eyes and a safety belay the participants find their way to the top of 15 feet rock face. Once on top they are expected to rappel down the same face.

Trek to Bander Chatti – We cross the river by boat and start trekking on the Char Dham Yatra Marg along the Ganges to Bander Chatti. This was a stopover point for the pilgrimage on their journey to Kedarnath and Badrinath in earlier times before the motorable road came up in 1951.

 Assemble at the dining area for High Tea·

 Evening bonfire followed by dinner.·

 Overnight at the camp.·

Day 02: - Camp RapidFire

 Early wakeup followed by morning tea with cookies.·

 Assemble at dining area for breakfast.

 Post breakfast depart of onward destination.·

End of Services

Program Effectiveness –

 8 Pax per boat with 1 River Guide·

 Equipments complying with International standards·

 First Aid Qualified Instructors·

 Standby Vehicles  for emergencies·

 Qualified and Licensed Instructors from HMI· & NIM

 Safety Kayakers and Life Guard at the campsite·

Tips for participants and things to carry

 Always travel light and try not to carry valuable belongings·

 Carry warm clothing for the evenings and light wear for the day.·

 T- Shirts, Shorts and floaters for river rafting·

 Sunscreen lotion, Cap and Sunglasses·

 Pack a good shoe for walking·

 Personal medication and a torch are a must in your pack·

 A book to read and a diary to record your trip is worth keeping.·

 A set of extra cells for your torch are also advised·




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